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Emotional and Informational Support for for Mothers in Ireland


Offering a professional doula service dedicated to giving you and your family the care needed before, during and after arrival of your baby. The focus of the support is to ensure the family is thriving. To this end, the service offered includes emotional support, information resources and practical help. The services include both in person and online support, so your unique journey into parenthood is safe, healthy and most importantly - happy. Contact Doula Help today to book your complementary consultation, email

Please watch our video below that answers: What is a Doula?

Answering What is a Doula?

Answering What is a Doula?

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Giving birth can be overwhelming and often frightening - and it is important to seek out appropriate help! Doula Help provides a variety of personalised services that will accompany you and your family during your pregnancy, labour and the early days of parenthood.
Help is available to all families: new parents, existing parents, single parent, adoption, fertility challenges, IVF, surrogacy, LGBTQ+, preterm baby, multiple births, homebirth, whatever your circumstances, there is help.
Get in touch to learn more about the type of support you can expect, and to arrange a chat.


Here to help you make your big journey personal and safe. Whether you choose a hospital birth or a home birth, a Birth Doula can help you and your partner prepare for the unexpected moments during the birthing process and in the days that follow. Call today to learn more about the supportive services available.


The focus of our Postpartum Doula is to ensure the family is thriving. To this end, your doula will provide emotional support, information resources and practical help.  Your doula is committed to whatever you feel would benefit you, your baby, and your family most. Get in touch today to learn more about this service.


Our specially-trained doula supports people in their journey to become pregnant, regardless of what that journey looks like. Arrange a consultation to discuss how you can be provided with support best suited to your needs and wants.


Choose support from a Menopause Doula who will enable you to not only navigate the transition period, but also optimise your long term health. A discussion will allow you to make a clear plan and help you to understand how to personalise your next steps.

Postnatal Care for Mother and Baby


The Support You Need Before, During and After Birth

As you embark on life’s biggest adventure, Doula Help is committed to guiding you every step of the way.

Reach out today to learn more about the customized services on offer.