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Dads to Be - Preparation Class

This workshop is designed for Dads to be, to prepare you to support your partner through pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum, as well as equipping you with the tools and techniques to care for your baby and support your partners recovery.

Next date is 20th May, location is Malahide.

€80 per attendee, book with EventBrite or using BuyMeaACoffee

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It is important to have realistic expectations and information regarding what is 'normal' during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Be prepared, and start your journey as a Dad with independent, evidence based, best practice resources.

Topics covered:

  • Pregnancy milestones

  • Hospital appointments

  • Scans available

  • Public v Private v Semi-Private care options

  • Homebirth v Hospital Birth options

  • Baby development

  • Pregnancy after a loss

  • Mother to be symptoms and how to help (nausea, pelvic girdle pain, back pain, insomnia, endometriosis, gestational diabetes)

  • Nutritious meals

  • Foods to avoid

  • Labour

  • When to go to the hospital

  • Home comfort measures for early labour

  • Vaginal Birth

  • C-section Birth

  • Inductions

  • Medical interventions

  • Pain relief options

  • Birth Plans

  • Postpartum Plans

Do you have Postpartum questions about:

  • bonding with baby,

  • winding,

  • soothing techniques,

  • reflux,

  • colic,

  • breatsfeeding,

  • formula,

  • feeding positions,

  • nappies,

  • baby wearing,

  • baby massage,

  • safe cosleeping,

  • baby sleep,

  • washing baby,

  • expressing and storing milk,

  • sterilising bottles,

  • giving baby a bottle,

  • baby starting solids,

  • sibling adjustment,

  • your partners recovery,

  • nutrition,

  • fears or concerns you would like to discuss?

This is a safe, non judgmental space for Dads to be.

Ideal gift for partners.

Introduction to Sign Language

Signing with your baby can reduce frustration and tantrums, increase the bond between parent and child, give babies more confidence and, because you always say the words you’re signing, accelerate their speech.

This workshop teaches parents how to communicate with babies & toddlers through sign language before they can talk.

Most babies have their first words around 18 months of age, but can mimic gestures from 6 months of age. This gives you an entire year of improved communication.

I use ISL (Irish Sign Language), teaching babies and carers simple signs such as 'hungry', 'milk', 'mom', 'dad', 'nappy' and 'tired' to help little ones communicate emotions and desires, and to name objects before they can say the words.

Baby sign is suitable for all babies from about 6 months old - a natural stage in infant development when babies start to use symbolic gestures and mimic others with signs such as waving, pointing and nodding. Easily recognisable gestures include baby lifting arms to communicate "pick me up", waving to say "hello". It is never too early to sign with your baby, and the benefits last well into toddlerhood and beyond.

This workshop can be booked as gift.

3 x 2hr sessions €90

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