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Father's Day Gift - 5 Hr Postpartum Support

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Father's Day Gift of 5 Hrs Postpartum Support

The focus of my Postpartum Doula service is to ensure the family is thriving. To this end, I offer emotional, information and practical help. This includes, but is not limited to, and changes over weeks as family needs evolve: minding baby for parents to sleep/rest or shower/bath or eat or go for walk (whatever parents needs to do), minding baby for parents to have time with older siblings, minding older siblings for parents to have time with new baby, nappy changes, bath baby, feed baby expressed milk or formula, wash and sterilise breast pump and/or bottles, prepare meals for family, accompany mom to medical appointments, laundry (load washing machine/dryer/clothes drying horse), change bed sheets, organise baby clothes for storage, organise toys for older siblings, assist in any practical way that benefits the family.

I can also provide information resources and tips on range of topics including: winding, reflux, colic, feeding positions, nappies, baby wearing, baby massage, safe cosleeping, baby sleep, washing baby, expressing and storing milk, sterilising bottles, partner giving baby a bottle, baby starting solids, sibling adjustment, your own recovery, nutrition, fears or concerns you may wish to discuss.
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