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Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Week 9th - 15th October

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Week.

A week when families are bombarded by reminders of their loss.

A week when families feel they have 'permission' to grieve openly.

A week when the topic is given attention.

A week that is not long enough.

Many of the Doulas that are members of our team have undertaken training to acquire skills, and language, to hear the stories, those of our clients, our families, our friends, our community.

Many of the Doulas that are members of our team have been impacted by the loss of an unborn or a born child, some of us, multiple losses.

Often our clients are the ones with the loss, and we share a moment on their journey, where our own losses allow us hold space for our clients, with the compassion and empathy needed to best support them.

Approximately 1 in 4 pregnancies result in miscarriage.

Approximately 14,000 women in Ireland have a miscarriage each year.

Around 300 babies are born by stillbirth every year in Ireland.

It is devastating for every family. The physical, emotional, mental anguish can be overwhelming.

A week is not enough time, to grieve, to support, to normalise conversation, and so the Doulas in our team are here to help when the support is needed.

There are resources available, people who will listen, who will understand, and though the pain won't be erased, it will be acknowledged.

Resources for help:

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