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What are Doula Support Services?

What is a Doula? Doulas provide families with emotional support, information resources and practical help

A doula is trained in the needs of the family. They provide clients with continuous support during pregnancy, labour, birth, and the postpartum period. Separate to midwife or Public Health Nurse, a Doula is your advocate.

Can anyone simply call themselves a Doula?

No, in the same way you need qualifications to become an architect, a chef, an electrician, a pharmacist, so too do you need training to become a Doula.

You cannot simply start selling meals out of your house without qualifications, insurance, food hygiene training, a food safety and traceability system.

Same applies to Doulas. A professional Doula undergoes training, signs a code of ethics, has appropriate insurance, is Garda vetted, and tax compliant.

It is important to have realistic expectations and information regarding what is 'normal' during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

A Doula provides independent, evidence based, best practice resources.

Postpartum practical help includes:

· minding baby for parents to sleep/rest or shower/bath or eat or go for walk (whatever parents needs to do),

· minding baby for parents to have time with older siblings,

· minding older siblings for parents to have time with baby,

· nappy changes,

· bath baby,

· feed baby expressed milk or formula,

· wash and sterilise breast pump and/or bottles,

· prepare meals for family,

· batch cook,

· accompany mom to medical appointments,

· laundry (load washing machine/ dryer, fold, iron),

· change bed sheets,

· organise baby clothes for storage,

· organise toys for older siblings,

· assist in any practical way that benefits the family.

A Doula helps with Postpartum queries:

· bonding with baby,

· winding,

· soothing techniques,

· reflux,

· colic,

· breatsfeeding,

· expressing and storing milk,

· formula,

· sterilising bottles,

· giving baby a bottle,

· feeding positions,

· nappies,

· baby wearing,

· baby massage,

· safe cosleeping,

· baby sleep,

· washing baby,

· nappy changes,

· baby congestion,

· baby constipation,

· baby starting solids,

· sibling adjustment,

· your partners recovery,

· nutrition,

· fears or concerns you would like to discuss?

Check out to find a Doula and to be certain you are receiving the best support from a Doula that has met these professional requirements

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